Community Service
St. Michael's prides itself in imbibing strong moral values among its children. Community service has been one way through which this has been achieved for more than 10 years now.

Every year around Christmas children are asked to contribute whatever they can in cash or kind towards our charity collection. It is completely voluntary and no child is pulled up for not contributing. However we have seen over the years that all children are more than happy to make at least a small contribution from their pocket money even if is Rs.1 or Rs.2 a day during the 2 week charity collection period.

On the day of our Christmas Celebration 12 -15 very poor families from the surrounding areas are invited personally to attend our program. At the end of our program each family is called on stage to receive provisions, blankets, towels and a Christmas cake from the highest contributors of each class.

On the days preceding our Christmas celebration the senior students visit the Little Sisters of the Poor's Old Age Home. The children go prepared with personalized cards and flowers for each inmate and a saree or shirt. They even perform a few songs and chat with the elderly for sometime.

In a similar fashion, a different batch of children visit the Government School nearby and Shishu Bhavan (an orphanage) and Infant Jesus Home for children with AIDS. At all these places, our children sing songs, present them with gifts and play with them.
Sharing with the less fortunate
Sharing with the less fortunate
Visiting with the elderly