St. Michael's High School

ICSE Results 2023 : 100% Distinction. Toppers - D Sherly Teena 97.2%, Shivani K 96.6%, Sushwin Sharma G S 96.6%.

Art Forms

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Art & craft

Engaging children in art and craft fosters creativity in children. It not only increases a child’s chances of becoming the next Picasso but also helps him / her to develop mentally, socially and emotionally. Keeping this in mind, art and craft is given utmost importance. The children have art and drawing classes every week and are trained in various art styles. They also have an art club, mural painting, pot painting, flower arrangement, rangoli and so on.


It’s no secret that music education is an important factor for a child’s development. Learning to play an instrument can help a child fine tune to his / her ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction. Acknowledging this fact the school has a full time specialist music teacher with regular music classes as part of their school timetable.

Apart from regular music classes extra coaching classes after the school hours are offered to the students who are interested in learning to play musical instruments.