St. Michael's High School

ICSE Results 2020: 100% Distinction. Toppers- Sweda. A - 98.83%, Sushmitha. D - 97.50%, Jyothi. P - 97.00%

Recent Events

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Graduation Ceremony – 7th February 2020

The Graduation Ceremony for the graduating batch of 2020 was held on 7th February 2020.

It was a formal event for the Std X students and all had come dressed in suits and sarees. The ceremony began with a solemn slow march by the graduating students onto the stage. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries including a parent and teacher. The ceremony included reading the holy books and some melodious songs in English and Kannada.

There were speeches given by two of the graduating students Vignesh Nachu and Sushmitha D as well as their junior respresentative besides those by the Chief Guest, Principal and two of our parents.

Each graduating student came on stage with their parents and was felicitated with a memento. Some of the students also received Certificates of Excellence in various subjects. The programme culminated with a class photograph of students tossing their caps in the air and a hearty meal.

Socials Day – 1st February 2020

The Socials Day for the batch of 2020 was held on 1st February 2020. It was a day where all the Std 9 students showered their love and affection on their seniors. The programme was a mix of song, dances, games and good food. There were also two heartfelt but humorous speeches by both an outgoing student as well as by a student of grade 9.

The juniors added a flavor of fun and entertainment to this special day by conducting games like the ‘Biscuit challenge, 'Simon says',' Needle and thread' etc which was followed by some captivating dance performances by both the boys and girls.

As a token of love, the juniors presented personalized gifts to their seniors and the STD X too presented a gift to the school as a mark of gratefulness.

The day created an occasion for the outgoing students to look back at the joyous moments spent together in the school over the past 13 years.

Junior Science Exhibition

UKG – I Std

The Science Exhibition for Std I and UKG was held on 8th and 9th Jan 2020. This event was conducted in order to develop the confidence and public speaking skills of the students. It also gives the students a platform to showcase what they have learned.

The topic for UKG was ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ and for Std I the topic was ‘Different Means of Communication. Students of UKG brought fresh fruits and vegetables and spoke about it.

The Std I students showcased colorful charts and models on different means of communication. Each child explained the advantages and disadvantages of it in a few sentences.

Parents were given the opportunity to judge the students based to their confidence and communication.

All the parents were happy with the children’s performance and thanked the teachers for their relentless efforts.

II -IV Std

The Science Exhibition for Std II –IV was held from 4th to 7th Jan, 2020. The exhibition was a platform to express student’s knowledge and creativity.

The topics were ‘Types of Houses’ for Std II, ‘Inventors and Inventions’ for Std III and Architectural marvels of India for Std IV.

The children captivated the parent’s attention by displaying the colorful and attractive models and charts to showcase their topics and explained them to the parents who visited. The parents were very happy to see the creative display by students and were also given an opportunity to express their views about each student’s performance through score sheet ratings. Students were later awarded with certificates and badges based on their ratings.

Junior Michaelites Parents Day, 30th November 2019

Junior Michaelites Parents Day (Nur - Std.V) was held on 30th November, 2019. At the start of the programme, the Director and Principal addressed the parents. The Director also felicitated staff member Mr. Kumaran for completing 10 years of service in the school.

The parents were treated to a variety of dance, song and solo performances. Each child was given an opportunity to blossom in the limelight as it is one of the main principles of the school. Every performance done by the students received applause and appreciation from the audience as a reward for the hard work put forth by the students and teachers collectively.

Walkathon for the Environment

The students of the Nature Club hosted an event called the Walkathon For Nature on 23rd November, 2019. They went on a drive to create awareness about the harmful effects of plastic, water scarcity and other environmental problems.

They marched down to BDS garden and the surrounding residential areas shouting slogans such as ‘DON’T BE DRASTIC, SAY NO TO PLASTIC’, ‘IF YOU CAN’T REUSE IT, REFUSE IT’ AND ‘BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT A PART OF POLLUTION’ etc as an initiative to enlighten the people around our neighborhood.

They visited supermarkets and scrap stores and a few students spoke about the hazards of plastic and requested the shop keepers not to use plastic bags. They even handed out printed information against the use of plastic and other issues among the general public and received an positive and encouraging response. The walkathon was a very fulfilling experience to all the Nature Club students.

Charity Fete

The Charity Fete was conducted on 15th and 16th of November 2019 to raise funds for our annual charity work with the government school children. In order help this noble initiative; the students contributed food items, stationary and other gift items.

There were various food and games stalls put up by all the classes. The teachers were ably assisted by the student volunteers to a make it a fun and eventful fete.

To add to the excitement, the school had also organized many competitions to encourage student-parent bonding like singing, dance, quiz and art to name a few. The first day’s theme for the fete was ‘Mom & Me’ where the students had to participate along with their mothers and for the second day, it was the turn of the dad’s to showcase their talent along with their children as it was the ‘Dad & Me’ theme.

Many ex-students as well as ex-teachers took this opportunity to come back and enjoy the festivities and mingle with the staff and students.

Children’s Day Celebration – 14th November 2019

Children's Day is a day to recognize that children are important and the most valued members of the society. This day is counted as one of the best days of the year for all Michaelites as it is always filled with fun and frolic.

Besides having no classes or home work on this day, the school organized a fun competition for the students like the Fancy Dress Competition to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of an audience.

Besides the competition, the children were treated to an amazing variety of entertainment programs by the teachers. First there was a special assembly conducted by the teachers. This was followed by some fantastic dance performances by various groups of teachers as well as the office staff. Besides this, there was also an interesting mime performed by the High School teachers depicting the difference between the past and present lifestyles and how gadgets have impacted our lives. The day ended with the good wishes from our Director and chocolates were distributed to all the children.

Senior Trip

The school had organized a two days and three nights trip to Ooty for STD VIII, IX and X in the month of October. The children were accompanied by the Principal and other teachers.

The children visited a tea estate and tea processing facility. They also got to visit a chocolate factory where they were fascinated to see the chocolate making process. Besides these learning experiences, they also visited the other local attractions and enjoyed being in the lap of nature.

Adding excitement to the whole trip was their visit to Black Thunder Amusement Park where they enjoyed both the wet and dry rides in the pleasure of their classmates company, making for a great day.

All the staff and students were brimming with tales of their happy times on the trip.

Independence Day- 15th August, 2019

Independence Day was celebrated in our school grounds on 15th August. The celebration began with a March Past by all four houses.

Our Director hoisted the National Flag and after the salute, the whole gathering solemnly sang the National Anthem. This was followed by a prayer and speech on India’s Independence by a high school student. The students of Std V sang a song – ‘Sare jahan se accha’ to invoke the patriotic spirit. The Std VI students presented a skit that threw light on an incident that took place prior to Independence where an Indian soldier won over the heart of one of the world’s most terrifying leaders- Hitler through his display of determination. Following that was a beautiful dance performance to the song- ‘It happens only in India’.

The teachers also displayed their patriotic spirit by singing the song- ‘Ae watan’. Following this was a small quiz session, were the Director asked questions based on the speeches delivered and the winners were rewarded with chocolates. Later, sweets were distributed to all the students and parents who were a part of this grand celebration.